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Email: info@junkerskoreskole.dk
Telefonnummer: +45 22 77 12 46 

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Man - Fre: 8:00 - 17:00
Lør-søn: Lukket

The ultimate driver's license

Pssst we drive cool cars, have a dark sense of humor and are good with people.

We drive cool cars

We may be a bit of car geeks so we drive Audi and Mercedes

Calming atmosphere

But still full of humor and the elastic is long, so we can help all types of people with a driving licence.

Experienced driving instructors

We all have extensive experience as driving instructors, but also as people, and we are straightforward! 

We start new teams every 5 weeks

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Incl. car rental and theory test program online.


BE-kørekort (Trailerkort)

Incl. car rental.


A-kortkort (Motorcykel)


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